Life Update

Greetings from Galapagos!

It has been a crazy month (or longer) and it is time for an update for what is going on here on the blog, in my life and etc.

First up, I have officially moved to Santa Cruz Island of the Galapagos Islands in pursuit of a number of goals, not the least of which is love ❤ . While I am here I will be working as the Librarian at the amazing Tomas de Berlanga School ( My role will be to run the library which will include fundraising activities, so, please keep your eyes and hearts open for opportunities to give in the form of books or more!

Additionally, I have decided after long thought to start a podcast that I will be publishing through this blog. The title of the podcast is Hostel Conversations and there will be weekly episodes of interesting talks with people that I meet as I travel. The first episode will be out later today and will become a regular Wednesday occurrence. The common thread that will be connecting all of the episodes is that we eventually focus on what it is that the person I am talking to wants out of life and how are they going about getting it. With this theme in mind, Wednesdays will be called #WhatdoyouwantWednesdays :).

Please be sure to follow my website or the Facebook page for the podcast to receive updates when new episodes are posted.

Love and Light,