Episode 1 with Yvonne McDonnell

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast, Hostel Conversations, where I will be sitting down and talking with people that I meet while travelling and living abroad. The common thread that will connect all of these talks is that, invariably, the conversation gets steered towards some of the more profound topics in life after wandering through more superficial themes.

This episode was recorded on the 8th of January 2018 in Quito, Ecuador in a hostel called El Hostelilto (El Hostelito). This hostel is like a home away from home for me and I highly recommend it for your next stay in Quito.

My guest on this episode was Yvonne McDonnell, who, among other talents, is an Irish singer-songwriter currently based in London. Our paths crossed as she was travelling through South America and I cannot be more grateful that they did. We were talking one evening and she let me know that she’d made it a goal to start her own podcast in the next year. Me being me, I challenged her, saying, “In a year?! Why not now!?”. I was immediately met with a glaring internal realization that I had just challenged someone to do something that I had set out for myself to create as well. The voice in my head was screaming, “You fool! Now you’ve got to step up to the challenge or you will lose some of the power of your word!”

So, I invited Yvonne for a chat where we would record ourselves and see what came out. This episode is that conversation and in it we hit a number of important topics including music, the source of creativity, philosophy, parents, family, Love, politics, #metoo, and more.

A HUGE thank you to Yvonne for stepping up to the challenge with me and inspiring me to create my own dream. Please check out her Facebook page at Yvonne McDonnell and help me in supporting a talented musician with a beautiful soul and a story to tell.

Light and Love,