Episode 2 with Niv Isaac Bahr

Welcome to Episode 2 of Hostel Conversations! In today’s episode I talk with an inspiring young man from Israel named Niv Isaac Bahr. This conversation happened because of Niv’s enthusiasm, commitment to his dream, and infectious energy. He saw me recording Episode 1 and before the recording light on the mic went out fully, he was asking me “What is this?!” and “What are you doing?”. It was clear that he had a story to tell and that it needed to be recorded.

The word I remember most vividly from our first interaction is “crossroad”, which was how Niv described his current life situation. This reminded me of the multitudes of projects, ideas, and opportunities were at my feet as well, and, with that, I was hooked on what Niv had to say.

In this discussion we talk about Niv’s BOLD, beautiful, and big dream of creating and growing inter-culture and interfaith relationships through the joys and challenges of trekking, mountain-climbing and being outdoors in his country of Israel. This dream has the potential to change Niv’s life, those around him, and possibly the whole world. Please join me in supporting this beautiful human on his journey.

Additionally, we talk about hiking, being outdoors, defeating unhelpful beliefs about ourselves, friends, family, parents, the abundance of time, and much more.

Light and Love,