Friday Foto Essay

The Galapagos tortoise might be one of the strangest animals I’ve ever interacted with. Here on the islands there are reserves like El Chato┬álocated in the highlands where people can see the tortoises in a more or less natural environment. Incredible photo opportunities are all but guaranteed.

These interesting animals can grow to be as big as 700 lbs and can live to be over 100 years old. Their movement is fascinating as it is neither slow nor fast, as they move almost like an animatronic robot at an amusement park. With their stop-and-start motion they amble about looking for green things go munch on, regarding humans as little more than scenery.

To add to the intrigue of these curious creatures, there is a local belief that they can read the intentions of humans and accordingly curse those who mean harm to them or the islands. So, when you come visit, make sure you’ve cleaned up your intentions ­čśť.

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Light and Love,


P.S. bonus pics of a sassy turtle and the rare Danish unicyclist in the wild.