Episode 3 with Flo Gunzenhauser

In today’s episode I sit down with Florian Gunzenhauser, a Swiss TV Producer (among other things 🙂 ) who was visiting Ecuador for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to escape winter temperatures in Switzerland. It was a pleasure to have met Flo and I am grateful to have recorded a conversation with another interesting person who has a unique view of the world. As I continue this project it is becoming apparent that one of the main goals is to allow people to share how they see things, with the extended of goal of having a record of as many different views as possible. Further, my intention is for this project to shed light on the fact that even with wide ranging differences, we are more alike than different.

We start out discussing why he was travelling and continued to dive into deeper and deeper topics, including, his mom as inspiration to travel and live, his views on the importance of work/life balance, some comparisons between people from the United States and those from Switzerland, love, relationships, living a life without regret (as much as possible) and many more.

Additionally, we talked about the current U.S. political situation and touched a bit on the economics I believe are behind some of the troubles we are experiencing. It is important to state that, I am not an expert, and, these are my real views and understand they may be flawed. With that being said, please enlighten me with constructive feedback as I relish the opportunity to learn at my own expense.

Please enjoy and leave comments or ask questions if you’d like to start up a discussion about this episode.

Light and Love,