Episode 5 with Frederik and Nathalie

Hello again and welcome back for another episode of the podcast. I am pleased to present this conversation I was able to record with a young Danish couple named Frederik and Nathalie. These two were volunteering at the hostel I was staying at in Quito and they both impressed me early on with their personalities and charm. Fred with his sharp and quick sense of humor and Nathalie with her looks of disbelief at the trading of puns between myself and Fred lead to a quickly developed friendship.

I asked them to sit down with me and I am so glad that they agreed. My appreciation for these two young people grew rapidly over this hour long conversation due to the topics we discussed and the maturity with which they have handled some rather precarious situations. In our time together we discussed the value of childhood hobbies, appreciation of mothers, theories of learning, and ways of reducing worry and much more.

Meeting people like Frederik and Nathalie gives me hope for the world because if young people like them exist, there must be more of them, and, I believe they are shaping the world to be a much better place. I am so excited to see how their lives shape up and I look forward to an update conversation in a years time to see how much they will have surely grown. Please enjoy!

Light and Love,