Episode 6 with Molly Montagna

Welcome to episode 6! This episode was the first one recorded in the Galapagos islands! It has been quite the journey to get here and to get everything set up, lots of traveling, planning, and just a bit of worrying, and, it has all been worth it. My arrival on the island signals a shift in how I will be recording this podcast. My initial idea was to always record them in hostels, however, that plan has changed and I will be recording the episodes in many different locations around the island. However, the overall goal remains the same, to continue having conversations with people that I meet on the island (locals, tourists, and everyone in between) and to ask them about what they want in life and how they plan on realizing those dreams. In the pursuit of that goal, I bring you today’s guest, Molly Montagna.

Molly has been living on the Galapagos Islands for a while and has worked doing many different things here, including: teacher, resident artist, and singer. In our discussion we get into what it’s like to handle unexpected challenges, what it’s like to live on the Galapagos islands, feelings of missing family, and much more. Please enjoy this episode and be sure to listen to the end as we get into the deep stuff a bit later 😉

Light and Love,