Life Update 2.0

When we let life changes get in the way of goals, progress stops.

Hey there internet, it’s been a while. A lot has changed since my last post and since my last Life Update post. So, it seemed fitting to put out another update.

One of the biggest changes has been that I accepted a position at my school in the Galapagos (Tomas de Berlanga )to teach Physics, Natural Sciences and Math to middle school and high school aged kids. This has been the main reason that I let my weekly schedule of publishing podcast lapse. Before accepting this position I had little idea how much work would be involved in creating, planning and executing six different classes for different age groups and different education levels.

If you are laughing out loud right now, you must be one of my readers who is/has been a teacher and are likely thinking, “Duh!”. This sentiment is completely justified and I want to take this moment to appreciate all the teachers in my life: my Mom, my girlfriend Viomar, everyone who taught me as I went through school and all my wonderful new teacher friends that I have made this school year. In only four months of teaching I have gained an even greater appreciation for the sheer volume and quality of work that dedicated teachers do to educate the minds of our future. I officially commit myself to the cause of raising respect and pay for teachers around the world. No matter what I get myself into in the future, I will continue to speak out about how important it is that we take a conscious approach to educating our children and ourselves.

Another commitment I am making with this post is to get back to recording and publishing the podcast, I still very much believe in the mission of bringing interesting and different ways of approaching life to as many different people as possible, with the goal of bringing about a future that I am proud of and want to be a part of. This will mean at least two new episodes a month, a new blog post each week, and more as I further develop this project.

Additionally, I am contemplating a brand change from Hostel Conversations to something that fits more with my vision for my future, keep your ears and eyes open for a possible name change.

Other new projects to include:

– A joint podcast with my girlfriend called La Chama y El Gringo about our life, triumphs and struggles as a couple from two very different bacgrounds (

– Fundraiser for my school Tomas de Berlanga

A new episode of Hostel Conversations will be out later today :)!

Light and Love,