Episode 1 – Mom and Dad

Episode 1 – Mom and Dad (Click the link to hear the latest episode)

Wow, that was one long week….

If you haven’t read my last post, you will not get this joke…

My last post was back in December of 2019, claiming that an update was coming in a week. As is often the case, I let life get in the way of pursuing this project and it has been much longer than a week.

However, I am delighted to present the first episode of the Bad Brownies podcast! I know all 7 of you out there have been waiting with baited breath, but here it is, without further ado!

In this episode I bring you a conversation I had with my parents, Bruce and Laurie Hutto. We sat down for this recording all the way back in February, nearly 2 months ago from the day that I am posting this episode. During these crazy times, 2 months can seem like a life time ago. I hope that you can all enjoy what seems like a time capsule from a simpler time, a conversation where we touch on topics like; the influence of family, the affect of our personalities on the world around us, and the differences between big city and small town living, all with some playful family banter.

Be on the look out for upcoming episodes, and, as always, watch out for bad brownies 😉

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