Episode 5 – Sarah and Jake

Episode 5 – Sarah and Jake


It is Monday morning and that means…. a new episode of Bad Brownies!

In this episode I bring you a phone conversation I had with my cousin, Sarah and her husband Jake. We sat down to record this on the morning of May 16th, which just so happened to be their 11th wedding anniversary! I want to take a moment now to thank them for joining me on a special day, for sharing deeply with me, and, for creating a beautiful conversation. We discussed a variety of topics, including, their experiences being married and raising children, who were some of their strongest influences in life, how their life view has changed since becoming parents, along with some silly family anecdotes. As I was editing this episode I was struck by just how strong Sarah and Jake’s love for each other and for their kids really is and I am so grateful to count them as influences on me. Please enjoy, Sarah and Jake.

Thank you for checking out the podcast, be on the look out for upcoming episodes, and, as always, watch out for bad brownies 😉

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