Episode 7 – Teo

Episode 7 – Teo


It is Monday morning (barely 😅) and that means…. a new episode of Bad Brownies!

In this episode I bring you a conversation I had with my dear friend, Teo. We sat down to record this on the afternoon of June 5th in the Arlington, Texas area. I want to take a moment now to thank him for joining me and for sharing deeply with me. We discussed a variety of topics, including, how he went from living in the Galapagos to being in isolation in a hospital in India, how he makes important decisions in life, and, we talked about the important historical moment we are living in right now. Regarding this moment in history, I want to take a moment and recognize how privileged I am in life, both to be able to make this podcast, and, to live life free of the worry my black and brown brothers and sisters have to deal with on a daily basis. I recognize that I will never know that struggle personally and all I can do is pledge my support to the cause of justice and equality. Having this platform, however small it is now, comes with a duty to speak what I see as truth to whoever listens to this show, and therefore it is important for me to let y’all know how I feel, that black lives do matter, and, that they are an integral part of the tapestry of American culture. Please see the links below for resources I have found educational in these pivotal times. Without further ado, I present, Teo.

Stamped From The Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi

Books by Robin DiAngelo, especially White Fragility

Teaching Resources from Tolerance.org

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