S2E2 – Sarah Darling

S2E2 – Sarah Darling


This episode was recorded back at the end of November 2020, in person using the Bad Brownies mobile studio in The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador in the front garden (or dog garden as I learned it was called) of our delightful guest. In this episode Viomar and I sat down with our good friend, artist and local fixture, Sarah Darling. During the episode you may notice some random machine noises from construction near Sarah’s house. Luckily we were also joined by many lovely birds and they made their presences known in a much more please manner than the machines. During the conversation we talked about how Sarah ended up in the islands, the many reasons why it is important to be grateful for what we have in life, how her business at her art gallery has changed due to the pandemic, and, we some of our predictions and hopes for the future in this world effected by the pandemic. It was a delight to get to spend time with Sarah and to learn a bit more about what makes her tick and we hope you enjoy it as well! Please enjoy our conversation with Sarah Darling!

Light and Love – Luz y Amor

Please go check out Sarah’s amazing instagram page here: Sarah Darling Galapagos Instagram

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