S2E3 – Drew and Vio Update No 3!

S2E3 – Drew and Vio Update No 3


This episode was recorded this weekend, in person in the Bad Brownies Studio in Houston, Texas. In this episode Viomar and I sat down to record another update episode of the ongoing Drew and Viomar saga. We will probably be doing updates like this every 3 or 4 episodes as life is moving fast and we want to record as much as possible for posterity’s sake. During the conversation we talked about our time in Ecuador that we spent finalizing our K1 visa process, a belief that we discovered we share in that we are where we are supposed to be at all times, how we surprised my parents with our arrival to the states, and just how incredible it felt to finally be setting foot, together, in Houston. We also want to extend the offer to help anyone of our listeners who is currently going through the K1 Visa process, if you are interested, please contact us at badbrowniespod@gmail.com or our Instagram page. I hope y’all enjoy Vio and Drew update number three!

Light and Love – Luz y Amor

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