S2E5 – Teo Vio Drew – The Wedding Episode



Wow, that was yet another long break in between episodes. I really must sincerely apologize to all of you listeners, I keep making and breaking this promise of one episode a week. I don’t believe in excuses here, so I will leave that there, but what I will say is that it has been very interesting to look at myself in the mirror and say I want to work on this project but then not follow that up with actions. I’m sure many of you listeners have found yourselves in perhaps similar situations, and what strikes me is that there’s an additional casualty in the list of people affected by broken promises that sometimes gets left out. That person is our very self. You see, each time we break our word, not only do others lose trust in us, we lose trust in us as well. Now, this won’t show up at the conscious level necessarily but it certainly has ramifications in our lives. For me, it has meant slacking on a number of other life goals in the mean time. Almost as if to say to myself, “Well, if you’re not gonna live up to the podcast promise, why hold up any other promises?” and that is a slippery slope, in my experience, into a pit of despair. So, this episode (which is a beautiful episode that I am excited to share) is dedicated to all those who join me today in taking the very first step back into trusting ourselves and keeping our word.

Ok, now onto the episode!

This episode was recorded back on April 2nd, in person using the Bad Brownies mobile studio in Colleyville, Texas at our friend Teo’s family home. In this episode Viomar and I sat down with our dear friend, and returning guest, Teo Tamashiro Harris. The inanimate guest for this episode is the grandfather clock in the living room, listen carefully as it shares it’s opinions near the middle of the show. During the conversation we talked about how special it was to have Teo as the officiant of our wedding, how Teo helped us plan our wedding, the importance we found in making our ceremony include exactly what we felt represented us, a sweet bit of wisdom from Teo’s great grandma, and much more. As always, the visit with Teo left us feeling reaffirmed in our gratitude to know him and be a part of his life, I hope y’all enjoy the show with Teo Tamashiro Harris!

Light and Love – Luz y Amor

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Show Notes:

Book used by Teo for Weddings is The Wedding Officiant’s Guide by Lisa Francesca