S2E6 – Ros

S2E6 – Ros


We’ve got a good one for you today, and it is a time capsule of sorts (as will be many of our upcoming episodes) as it was recorded nearly a year ago! It is fascinating to see how mine and other’s views change through time and it was clear as I edited this episode that I feel like an entirely different person than the Drew that recorded this episode. With that in mind, please listen through the filter of your December 2020 selves, as best as possible, and enjoy!

This episode was recorded back in December 2020, in person using the Bad Brownies mobile studio in The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador in the living room of our lovely guest. In this episode Vio and I sat down with our good friend, Ros Cameron. During the conversation we talked a great deal about her son Mason and their relationship, her thoughts on raising children in The Galapagos, the importance of having a model for unconditional love in our lives and much more. It is always such a treasure to get to spend time with Ros and for her to share her stories with us. We hope you enjoy it and, now, without further ado, we present, Ros Cameron.

Light and Love – Luz y Amor

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