Episode 4 with Apolo Zamparelli

Welcome to Episode 4 of Hostel Conversations! This episode was again recorded in Quito, Ecuador and is a discussion with Apolo Zamparelli. I met Apolo as he was on his way to a yoga teacher training course and was immediately aware of something that was interesting about him. The more we were able to get to know each other, it became clear that we shared some common vocabulary and ways of speaking. This piqued my interest and I asked if he would join me on the podcast.

I am so grateful that he agreed to join me as this episode pushed me beyond some boundaries I didn’t even know I had, and, forced me to look at some beliefs that I was holding on to that may not be beneficial. Additionally, we spoke about his yoga teacher training, the importance of identity, ideas about adult child/parent relationships, and much more.

I apologize for the sound quality upfront. As this podcast grows the sound quality will improve as well.

Please enjoy!

Light and Love,