Update – Pause Button

Update – Pause Button


It is Monday morning (barely 😅) and that means…. a new episode of Bad Brownies!

Hello dear friends, family and Bad Brownies listeners,
Just a quick update instead of a regular episode today.
I am writing this update to inform you all that I am pushing the pause button on the podcast for the next couple of weeks.
This is in response to the current state of affairs in my country and in the world. This is also due to some events in my personal life.
My promise to you all is that this pause will be, in part, dedicated to planning the path forward for this podcast considering the the difficult situation many of us find ourselves in right now. Whether it be outrage in the face of injustice, fear in the face of a pandemic, frustration in the face of the current political climate, or any number of issues or combination thereof, the stress level is high right now.
The world is growing more complicated to understand at the same rate that our ability to transmit and recieve data increases. The shadow of doubt cast by reasonable skepticism is being exploited by many different actors for many different ends. All of this combines to create a confusing world where social media begins to feel like an actual representation of reality, when in fact, it is just another imperfect reflection of reality, viewed through each individual’s personal lens.
I created this podcast as a way to explore mental models, with the main example being a cheeky anecdote about missing out on delicious desserts due to a prejudiced viewpoint. In light of recent events, it has become clear to me that if I want to continue exploring this concept, I will have to dive into topics that are much trickier to handle. To do this right, I am pushing the pause button, and committing to coming back with a podcast that will continue to explore the same mental landscape but will not shy away from difficult discussions.
In this time I encourage each of you to join me in  exploring the idea of stepping back from social media, taking stock of how we make sense of the world, having more personal face-to-face (yet socially distant) conversations, exploring what it means to love one another, and asking tough but important questions.
Sending you all Light and Love,

Thank you for checking out the podcast, be on the look out for upcoming episodes, and, as always, watch out for bad brownies.

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