Season 2 Premier – S2E1 – Leser Genez

S2E1 – Leser Genez


Welcome to season 2 of BAD BROWNIES! It took a while for me to get back to the show, but here we are, finally! Please give it a listen to here about the changes happening on the show, including transitioning to being a bilingual podcast (English/Spanish) and much more. This first episode is in Spanish and the next two will be in English. Enjoy!

In this episode Viomar and I sit down with our good friend and tattoo artist, Leser Genez. During the episode you may notice a faint buzzing sound in the background… That would be the sound of Viomar getting a tattoo from Leser while we both ask him questions about his work and his life. During the conversation we talked about his unbelievable Bad Brownie that almost prevented him from becoming a tattoo artist, the concept of impermanence, some sage advice from his mom, and much more.

Y ahora en español

En este episodio, Viomar y yo nos sentamos con nuestro buen amigo y tatuador, Leser Genez. Durante el episodio, es posible que notes un leve zumbido de fondo … Este es el sonido de la máquina de tatuar, mientras Viomar se hace un tatuaje con Leser. Mientras tanto, ambos le hacemos preguntas sobre su trabajo y su vida. Durante la conversación hablamos sobre su increíble Bad Brownie que casi le impidió convertirse en tatuador, el concepto de impermanencia, algunos sabios consejos de su mama y mucho más. ¡Esperamos que disfruten de este episodio tanto como nosotros disfrutamos haciéndolo! ¡Y ahora, sin más preámbulos, les presentamos a Leser!

Light and Love – Luz y Amor

Please go check out Leser’s amazing work at his instagram page here: Lesheer Insta

Thank you for checking out the podcast, be on the look out for upcoming episodes, and, as always, watch out for bad brownies.

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